Ex-sword for hire, just trying to help save the world, and make a little money along the way.


D’Anjayni Shadow

AGI – 11
CON – 10
DEX – 11
STR – 9
INT – 7
PER – 8
POW – 8
WP – 7

HP – 315
Initiative – 110
Attack – 181
Dodge – 180
Main weapons:
Scimitar, Dagger, and Chakram
Danger Sense, Night Vision, and Acute Senses
Ki Abilities:
Ki Control, Ki Concealment


Sepherene is young, especially taking in account of all she has done and seen, she is 27ish (even for her it’s a guess, as there is no record of her birth), moderately attractive, yet hides it, loose clothing to hide her curves, almost tries to pass for a man at times. Never wants to stand out in a crowd, in modern times she’d be called a “wallflower”.
She kinda glides through life, always looking for something, but can’t quite put her finger on what that is. She has had a fairly rough life, foster parents that didn’t understand the dark cloud over her head all the time.
After running away, from her umpteenth foster home, she used her abilities as a cutpurse to get by, got caught up by the local thieves guild, taught the “ropes”, found she was better with a sword then picking pockets or breaking and entering. She slowly became one of their best sword arms, while still using the skills of hiding in shadows, and with her abilities, in plain sight, to accomplish her objective. But with those abilities, she was never able to sustain a relationship with anyone. So she never stays in the same place for long, always searching, never finding.
So the former thieves’ guild sword-arm joined the group in a bid to escape her past, both the lifestyle and bosses. Now she’s part of a group destined to save the world, it’s a good thing she good at something that will help, killing things.

Sepherene often has violent dreams, almost nightmares, but with happy endings instead of sad or bad ones. Nothing to wake her up in a cold sweat, but something that can occasionally haunt her during those quiet times. So she does attempt to keep her mind busy, whether it is watching and following a potential victim, to keep her skills up, or trailing someone for her new group of compatriots.


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