Modern Day

Viurlenc spends most of his time at home. Rarely going out into the world unless some fighting occurred or there was a job needing someone of more subtlety tastes. Being 6 feet tall does make it a little harder then it should be but being a shadow does have its advantages. What was left of his family he has little of. A few books and such but the main piece he has is his father’s blade. They called it a “gunblade”. A weapon that incorporates a revolver at the back end of the blade connected to the hilt while keeping the long blade intact. Using the blade felt natural at first so he never leaves without it. Always wearing black clothes and black bandana around his face makes his job easier.

Past Life(Soul)
In his dreams he remembers a time when his people were vast. They owned many provinces in the land and there were times of peace. Until suddenly there came a great plague and only few were spared as the majority of the people were slain outright or slowly suffered due to it. The dreams he sees are more nightmares then just mere memories. Reliving the constant fall of his people over and over again. He sees glimpse of his father, a fighter and passionate man that the people loved and his enemies feared. Glimpses of his mother are the same, being a caring person and also being the assassin in disguise.



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