Foxgirl who carries a lancer and is a experienced acrobatic warrior. She is a pure blood Daimah.


As a young girl she would run into the villages and take food for herself as her people were against human food. Her curiosity for what the food tasted like and why it was forbidden created a chain reaction for her decision to become a warrior. One day she was caught by the village people and was being beaten for stealing. Fearing her death the only thing she could do was cry for help. At the moment she thought she would never be free of this attack, a warrior carrying a lance came to her aid and rescued her. Being part of The Church organization the village people were in fear of being reprimanded if they went against the warrior. She idolized her savior who treated her with equality and kindness. He stayed for a while (a week or two) teaching her to defend herself and from what irrational decisions could lead to if the repercussions were not thought through. When he left she decided to become a skilled warrior with a good reputation and when she could find the man who saved her.

She is unsure of the outside life from the forests, but is understanding and curious of all things.


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